Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Say hello to the perfect bridesmaids dress

Because life's too short for unflattering dresses

Who said being a bridesmaids is synonymous with being frumpy and out of pocket? Not Oasis clearly, who have just launched some seriously gorgeous bridesmaids dresses you’ll actually want to wear again.

Designed by the Oasis in-house design team, the collection delivers stylish gowns in the must-have colour palette of the season, from navy to blush pink.

As well as the ever-popular multiway maxi dress in powder pink and soft grey, the line also includes slinkier numbers like cowl neck maxis in silver and navy. Plus, if you really want everything to match, you can get dyed-to-match kitten heels too, so this can literally be your one-stop-shop on the way to getting your wedding dress.

Oasis will also be offering personal styling sessions for bridal parties in the Oasis Tottenham Court Road store. The experience will include afternoon tea in the Saucer & Spritz cafĂ©, for £25 per person, and can be pre-booked online.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Tips to Choosing the Perfect Summer Wedding Dress

Planning a summer wedding? Having an outdoor wedding smothered in sunshine? Then you need the perfect wedding dress which can leave you looking cool, calm and fresh even on the hottest summer's day.

The first step to finding the perfect dress is to get to know your body type. Some dresses can be flattering while others may just not suit you at all. Visit your local bridal shop and try on a medley of dresses, don't be shy, the team don't expect you to make a decision there and then. Try on the designs you never dreamed of wearing, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Once you have chosen a style of dress, you need to decide whether to go sleeveless or strapless. If you're going to be outside on a warm summers day, then strapless may be the most elegant option, though remember to get a matching shawl to keep you warm as the weather cools later in the day. Remember you want to be comfortable and you're going to be wearing the wedding dress for a number of hours before you set off into the sunset together, so be prepared to avoid shivering the last half of your special day away.

Fabric will be a big deciding factor when it comes to a summer wedding. Choosing chiffon wedding dresses could be the best decision, because this is a breathable material which will help keep you cool when the sun is beating down all around you. While you may love the look of the satin dress, be realistic and know what to expect in terms of the weather you will have on your day.

Of course remember that the weather can go anyway and having a summer wedding doesn't guarantee a beautiful clear day, so be prepared for all weather types in terms of your shoes and something to throw over your shoulders should the weather turn on you on the last minute, you can always remove the shawl or jacket (whichever you have chosen), should the weather warm up as the day goes on.

Be selective when it comes to detailing. Embroidery, lace and beads are all top choices and you can complement any wedding dress by adding one or more of these to the gown you have chosen. If you've chosen a simple summer wedding dress, then consider beadwork on the bodice to give it that elegant and sophisticated finish that will show off in all your photographs.

Try and add a splash of color to your gown to add that summer finish. A splash of color doesn't mean add bright blue or brilliant red, but if your color scheme is light blues and creams, consider a cream band that goes around your dress. This can break up all the white and add the perfect finishing touch to your beautiful summer wedding dress.

One of the best pieces of advice you can ever learn when choosing your gown is to try on as many as possible, including those that don't quite tickle your fancy. The more you try on the more you can get an idea for the styles that suit you and those that don't. Remember to take photographs of yourself in each of the dresses to go over later, this can help you make your final decision.

Also remember that you don't have to only try on dresses made to your size. Most bridal shops have their own team of seamstresses who can tailor the dress to fit you perfectly, which enables you to try on dresses that are slightly too big or small and have it tailored to fit you beautifully on your special day.

Monday, 15 January 2018

This Is What Happens When You Get a 12-Hour Closet Makeover

I know I can’t be the only one who has looked at her closet some mornings and thought, “What am I even doing with my life?” After years of shopping and gathering, everything I owned was a mix of items I love, used to love, just fell in love with, wanted to fall in love with… But so little of it could come together into an outfit that made me think, “I’m the shit.” And I don’t know about you, but if I’m not walking out my front door most mornings feeling like “the shit,” well, like I said: What am I even doing with my life?

This is precisely why I asked the closet makeover team of Cuniform to my apartment in New York last fall. The duo that runs Cuniform—friends Christine Tran and Colton Winger, who met when they used to work at the boutique Totokaelo—travel around the country for private appointments with clients that include execs at Nike, Diane von Furstenberg, and Shiseido. Their process is multifold: 1) purge closets of bad choices and out-of-place items, and oh so kindly haul away the rejects to donate or consign for you; 2) refill your wardrobe with versatile, new and high-end consignment items they handpick for you ahead of time and bring to your appointment, if you so choose; and 3) style you in chic new ensembles of the old and new, creating a “Wardrobe Rolodex” of outfit ideas in a shared cell phone photo album you can then reference for outfit ideas forever and ever.ou can understand, then, how once they arrived, 12 hours flew by, though a typical appointment is 5 hours long.

“If you think about it, the most successful people wear the same thing almost every day,” said Tran (see: Steve Jobs’ turtleneck, Carolina Herrera’s white blouse, Michael Kors’ blazer, Anna Wintour’s tailored dress and jeweled necklaces). “The main goal is to figure out your brand via clothing, so you shouldn’t have things in your closet that aren’t really options—like a dress that never fits the occasion or a pair of pants from when you were skinnier—because it just confuses you when you’re getting dressed.”

And that’s where I needed the most help, really: At this exact point in my life, what is my brand? This is where brutal honesty, as you’ll see below, comes in. On top of all of this, Cuniform is super-focused on social and environmental consciousness. One part is their consignment arm called Cuniform Recycled, which not only finds new homes for the nice but neglected clothes of their clients, but sell on behalf of philanthropic programs like Dress for Success to help increase their revenue.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

These Boots Were Made for Walking Through Party Season

Holiday season is nearly upon us. Bring on the whirlwind of vivid prints, sparkling sequins, and all-around festive cocktail attire! As for the footnote: In an unlikely turn of events, we're welcoming the reimagined ankle boot into the merry mix. Sure, it's not the first time boots have worked the party circuit—we've had our share of sky- and thigh-high boots creeping up on the catwalk as of late—but this season's quirky, eclectic iterations with unrivaled aesthetics are more than ready to hit the dance floor while making a modern evening statement.

Balenciaga's space-age silver booties, which come pointed and peaked mid-shin, perfectly offset a proper off-the-shoulder velvet dress, while Manolo Blahnik's silk and satin stilettos draw the eye downward with a hint of Swarovski crystal buckle and a seductive high arch, giving one's legs a little lift (and incidentally, the illusion of cocktail stirrers). With so many choices out there—from over-the-knee white knockouts to over-the-top adorned ankle booties—it's never been easier, chicer, or, ahem, more comfortable to get in the festive footwear spirit.

Above, shop the top seven boots and party dress pairings for storming into the New Year in style.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

How a Lady Gaga–Approved Performance Artist Dresses for Art Basel

Millie Brown's artwork is not distinguished by subtlety. The British-born provocateur began her career at 17 as a "vomit artist," chugging bottles of colored milk and then throwing them up onstage in Berlin. In 2014, she reprised the act, vomiting on Lady Gaga's chest for a performance during SXSW. Later that year, she transformed herself into a human installation titled Suspended by Optimism, in which she hung from giant balloons for four hours during Art Basel in Miami. Another puke-free performance had her lying on a bed of flowers and subsisting on a botanical diet (only water and sun) for seven days.

This year, the performance artist attended Miami's Art Basel as more of a spectator. "I decided to skip performing and go to support my friends, see the artists I love and meet the ones I haven't yet met," says Brown. "The highlight for me was the celestial drone performance art piece created by Studio Drift—300 drones fit with alternating lights lit up the sky in a choreographed dance-like formation above the ocean and amongst the stars as we were serenaded by delicate classical music."

And while she was off-duty, Brown still stood out from the crowd with a personal fashion sense that's just as outré as her performances. During the fair, Brown opted for some out-there glitz, including a glittering mesh dress by Mark Fast for a meet-up with model Slick Woods. Her other looks were by turns pared back (a distressed gown by Olya Kosterina) and architectural (flared bustier by designer Aliona Kononova). In terms of accessories, Brown was typically bold, showing off a fistful of ring bling.

Here, take a look at Brown's Art Basel fashion diary.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Kate Upton Wore 3 Different Dresses at Her Epic Tuscan Wedding

In November, model Kate Upton wed Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander in the hills of Tuscany. She had the pitch-perfect wedding wardrobe to match. "I had such a great time creating the fashion story for my wedding weekend!" Upton told Vogue. The bride drew inspiration from the location, which made Valentino a natural fit from the start. For the rehearsal dinner, the couple requested that all of the guests wear red; Upton chose a tiered lace gown by the Italian fashion house, while Verlander sported a custom-made tuxedo jacket in the same shade. "They are the best at creating delicate, beautiful lace and details, and their Italian heritage kept the fashion and feel authentic to our venue," Upton said of Valentino. "The design process was extremely collaborative, so I was able to really include my personal style and create my dream dress."

For Upton, that meant a Chantilly lace wedding gown with crisscross detail at the bust and rather demure full sleeves. The dress was woven with a sense of traditional elegance that matched the picturesque setting. The bride's accessories were just as tailored to the occasion. "My elderly grandmother was unable to attend the wedding due to the travel distance, so I was honored she let me borrow her sapphire ring," Upton said. "It became my something old, borrowed, and blue." From there, she chose glitter-flecked Manolo Blahniks for her walk down the aisle and a dramatic cathedral veil to complete the look. The old-world accoutrement has seen a resurgence among celebrity brides like Pippa Middleton and Kim Kardashian West as of late, and Upton's sweeping Chantilly lace version was nothing short of stunning.

The bride took a turn toward the unexpected for the reception, though, changing into a custom minidress that she created with Christy Rilling Studio. Strung with iridescent pearls, covered in glass bead embroidery, and boasting a plunging back, the end look wasn't just a departure from the previous gown, it was a total curveball. "My design process for the reception wedding dress was the opposite feel of the romantic ceremony dress," Upton said. "I wanted a dress that I could have fun in, but that still brought the glamour."

Thursday, 21 September 2017

How a Prom Dress Designer in New York Fashion Week Shows

When it comes to finding the fresh new faces of the season, you can always count on the Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wangs of the New York Fashion Week. But there's one designer who seems to have a knack for tapping girls just before they hit it out of the ballpark, and it's not the household name you might expect. Sherri Hill is a Texas-based fashion designer who happens to be New York Fashion Week's resident queen of pageant gowns and prom dresses. And, in her a six years of showing here she has quietly helped launch the runway careers of now mega-models like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Grace Elizabeth and Delilah Belle Hamlin. It is Hill's showroom, after all, that acts as a centerpiece for a 2011 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, where Kim Kardashian and Jenner take Manhattan to determine if Jenner's modeling dreams are worth pursuing (turns out, they were). Jenner, who made her first appearance this week at Tom Ford on Wednesday night, would go on to walk in Hill's debut show at New York Fashion Week, which also marked her own runway debut. Two years later, she walked the runway again, this time alongside little sister Kylie, a fashion week ubiquitor in her own right these days. Ahead of her Spring 2018 show, which Hill describes as "fun, fresh, and feminine," the designer talks about casting some very famous faces, what she looks for in a model, and the importance of a pretty front row.

How big of a part does casting play into your shows?

Casting is the key. You need girls who exude confidence and can feel the clothes. You can tell by the way she moves if she loves it or doesn't love it, and that is very importing.

What makes a girl stand out to you when she walks into the casting?

There is that confidence, and she makes you feel like she wants to be there. We're not interested in girls that look bored or miserable.

You've cast all of these girls who have gone on to be major models, including Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Grace Elizabeth. When they walk in, can you tell that they are going to be stars?

Yes, to a certain extent, but then there are other girls that also are powerful. I think a lot of the success for the girls that you mentioned is that they are not just pretty, but they are bright and they have a work ethic. That says a lot about them. I doubt that any of them are ever late for a casting or show. They have their act together.

How did you cast both Kendall and Kylie in your 2013 show?

It was kind of by accident. My daughter was in L.A. and somehow she met Kim [Kardashian] or something—I don't really know, to tell you the truth, but we ended up hiring Kendall for a shoot and Kylie came along for fun. It was Kendall's first shoot ever and she was nervous, but they were delightful. Just such nice girls.

Do you have any memories from the first time you worked with them?

Our first show was actually at Trump Tower in the foyer of the building, which seems so strange to me now. We didn't have real dressing rooms or real anything, so it was not necessarily a typical venue, but the girls handled it like troopers. I appreciate that, especially looking back at it now.

And most recently, you've cast Delilah Belle Hamlin, whose career has really taken off.

Oh, she's great. And you can tell—now that we have seen a few of these girls that have gone on and gotten bigger and bigger, you can tell that Delilah is going to be successful. She's so easy to work with, very personable, and very professional, but still fun. Those are the people that you want to help and want to work with.

What are other indicators that a girl will be big? Is there anyone you have your eye on right now?

We are still in the early stages of casting, but there are a few girls that we have our eye on. There's so much room out there now with social media and the opportunities out there, so I think there are a lot of girls that will be very successful.

Do you look at a model's social footprint when casting?

Once in awhile, but it is not our main focus for casting. We really just look for the girl that fits the look.

Your front row is also often filled with up-and-comers like Bella Thorne. How big of a factor is that into your show planning?

I think it is just fun. There is really not a specific purpose or thought to it. Of course you like to have a pretty front row.